burrata + heirloom tomatoes

Burrata cheese has been coming up in my conversations a lot lately and I finally got around to trying it today for the first time. From what I’ve read, burrata must be eaten fresh, meaning in the first 48 hours that it’s been made. Mine was from Trader Joe’s and well past 48 hours old and it still had a major effect on me. My first bite into this creamy, buttery cheese is simple to describe – absolute bliss.

Burrata is an Italian cheese that looks like mozzarella but is so much more. It’s made like mozzarella at first, but instead of forming the stringy cheese into a solid ball, it’s shaped into a hollow pouch which is then filled with fresh cream and soft bits of curd. Once you cut into the supple mozzarella shell, a soft mass of buttery cream awaits. The shell is quite fragile, so be careful when handling; the creamy goodness could spill out with the slightest tear.

This salad is of course quite simple – the best way to enjoy such a star ingredient like burrata. All you need are some juicy tomatoes, good olive oil and coarse salt, the burrata will take care of the rest.

burrata + heirloom tomatoes

serves 2

3 small heirloom tomatoes

1 ball burrata cheese

Olive oil

Coarse salt


Slice tomatoes into wedges. Place cheese in center of a plate; surround with tomato wedges. Drizzle with olive oil and season generously with salt. Sprinkle burrata with za’atar.


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